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Marketing & Development Consulting

For UNIQUE companies like yours!
We help small and medium-sized companies get the clients they really need

Μarketing Consulting

Exclusive marketing strategies tailored to your business. We can help you reach out to the right groups of people and advertise your business in the appropriate channels.

Unique Marketing & Development Consulting provides comprehensive marketing services and is ready to help you achieve your short and long term goals. Our team of experts provides various digital marketing services and makes the most of your marketing budget.

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About us

With more than 20 years of experience in large Greek and multinational companies, marketing and sales development have become parts of our DNA. Nowadays, extensive knowledge around marketing strategy should not be a privilege of the larger companies, but a growth opportunity for every small or medium-sized company as well. 


Marketing has developed to a great extent, and strategic planning has become more complicated, as the available channels have multiplied (digital and non-digital). There are a lot of media, various techniques, and even more "specialists".

However, there is not "a secret recipe" or an ideal solution/strategy suitable to all. Undoubtedly, there are best practices available. But they cannot just be copy/paste for every business.


At UNIQUE marketing & development Consulting,

we treat each company like a UNIQUE one.


Every business is UNIQUE. Their customers’ profile is UNIQUE. Their products & services are UNIQUE. Their needs and targets are UNIQUE. And definitely, the people in every company are UNIQUE.


We analyze every company’s unique characteristics, identify–together with you- the special needs, targets and objectives, and provide you with a marketing and growth strategy, unique for your own business.

We work for you, with you!

We help companies GROW

about us
more about us

More about us

We are a modern marketing consulting company, with a flexible structure and experienced partners. In that way, you get access to state-of-the-art marketing consulting services, with fast-paced processes and no "unnecessary" additional costs. At the same time, no matter how "large" or "small" projects we undertake, your communication will always be with the project manager - the one who makes things happen for your business.


Our team consists of experienced partners, professionals in the field, with specialization in business strategy, marketing, sales development, IT, digital marketing, education, public relations, analytics and design.


We love digital marketing, but we also remain faithful to the basic principles of marketing strategy: Company - Product / Service - Processes - People. In this way, we place marketing at the heart of the company's development, which adapts directly to changes in the market, competition, but also the company itself, and helps in growth and development.

UNIQUE μαρκετινγκ CEO

The head of UNIQUE marketing & development Consulting is Yannis Mouzakis (MCIM). He has studied mathematics & computer science and holds a Masters degree in management. For more than 20 years, he has been a business executive in Greek and multinational companies. Throughout his professional career, he has been involved in strategy, marketing and sales, while he was one of the pioneers in the introduction of marketing techniques through digital platforms. He is a member of The Chartered Institute of Marketing, the largest international professional marketing organization in the world ( )

Contact us today and we will come up with a collaboration that will exceed your expectations for what can be achieved in marketing. Every marketing strategy is tailored to every UNIQUE business, like yours.

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