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1 month Free email marketing services

For UNIQUE Marketing & Development Consulting each company is UNIQUE, like yours. Especially during this period (COVID and post-COVID era), it is even more important for every company to maintain communication with its customers and to show in practice that it is close to them.

For this reason, being a member of #DigitalSolidarityGR initiative, we offer FREE e-mail marketing services for your business.


More specifically: Our offer concerns the development of e-mail marketing strategy, customer analysis, data cleaning, creatives and action plan development, emailing and reporting.

The service is offered free of charge for up to 1,500 recipients per business for a duration of 1 month. The offer is valid until July 31st 2021.


How it works :

Fill out the form below with “Digital Solidarity” as a subject.

We will contact you as soon as possible to discuss a bit deeper about your business needs at first and then start implementing a UNIQUE marketing strategy for you.

Alternatively, you can contact us at, where you should provide your contact details, a brief description of your business and that you have found us through digital solidarity.

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