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Marketing & Sales Development Services

Do you want more customers?

Are many of your customers "disappearing"?

Have you spent a lot on advertising (website, Facebook, Instagram, LinkedIn,etc), but have not seen results?

Do you have likes but no sales?

See below how we can help you



Develop a strategic marketing plan aimed at achieving your business goals, in the short and long term. Indicative:

  • sales development, improvement of sales funnel stages

  • increase of new customers, customer retention, increase of average purchases per customer, increase of purchase frequency

  • utilization of digital channels (site, social media etc): do you want "likes" and "visitors" or customers?

  • budget usage optimization (which channel/campaign brings most sales?)

  • brand awareness, positioning, market differentiation

  • customer journey certification

Marketing Strategy & Branding


  • Create your Corporate Identity.

  • Analyse of your brand's characteristics

  • Differentiate your brand name and identity of your business through branding strategy.

  • Brand development strategy, redesign/ re-branding for

    • your corporate identity, as well

    • the products/services you offer or,

    • events and internal communication of your business.



  • Identifying opportunities to attract new customers (leads generation). Expansion into new markets, geographical areas, etc.

  • Creation and implementation of a customer loyalty strategy.

  • Customer analysis - individuals (B2C) and companies (B2B).

    • profiling: who they are, what characteristics they have, what is their "value", how many times they buy, what is their average stay, etc.

    • identify Ideal Customer, Segmentation and personas design for the optimal targeting of marketing actions

  • Development and optimization of the sales process (sales funnel)

  • Customer satisfaction surveys (SAT, NPS, Effort Score etc)

Πελάτες & Προϊόντα/Υπηρεσίες


  • Design and launch of new products or services (or redesign and relaunch).

  • Feasibility study: Competition (external & internal), pricing policy, differentiation, customer targeting, profitability analysis, pre-launch testing and advertising investment, etc.

  • Development and promotion of your Unique Selling Proposition (the differentiation of your product in the market)

  • Design and development of promotional material (digital and not)

  • Design and implementation of digital strategy to increase sales - not just visitors, friends or followers. Budget optimization (cost VS sales)

  • Channel mix (social media, email etc), lead magnets development, content marketing

  • email marketing: developing procedures for collecting emails (always based on the principles of GDPR), organizing regular actions (awareness, nurturing, lead, sale )

  • Analysis and management of search optimization actions (search ranking) for the overall digital presence of your business: SEO and SEM, backlinks


Digital Marketing - Διαφήμιση/PR



  • Advertising campaign planning and monitoring

  • Advertising company selection that suits your business profile

  • Design of leaflets such as brochures, posters, signs, business cards, etc.

  • Implementation of public relations campaigns

  • Budget optimization



  • Enhance internal communication to employees, resulting in improved customer service experience

  • Strengthening the corporate culture through regular communication of the core values fo the company

  • Support of the human resources department in order to align the profile of new employees with the values ​​and culture of the company.

Εσωτερικό Marketing - Ανταγωνισμός


Market analysis : companies and products that are your main and secondary competition: Indicative:

  • pricing strategy,

  • targeting (customers)

  • opportunities

  • potential threats

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